Fees and Charges, Refund Policy & Exemptions

Fees, Charges and Refund Policy

Details of fees are supplied in the course information brochure for each course and are discussed prior to enrolment. Please consult with the course adviser for further information. ENSURE you are fully aware of the 3 STEP (see Enrolment Conditions 4 & 5) process relating to lack of participation, progression and assessment default. Additional fees; per unit; will occur; if after 3 attempts your assessment is NOT satisfactory.

Funded Training

CTA abides by State and Commonwealth Government contractual requirements relating to any student fee contribution and or full or partial exemption of fees for funded courses and any other conditions relating to funding including any fees paid in advance. This includes informing students of any conditions surrounding students accessing funded training. For example; students may not be able to access further funded training after the completion of their first funded training option.

Ezi-debit Processes

Ezi-debit payments cannot be put on hold for reasons of convenience. CTA will review extenuating circumstances of each request on a case by case basis and suspension of payments may be granted. See refund conditions below.

Extenuating Circumstances

Include death in the family or severe medical problems verified by a doctor through a medical certificate submitted to CTA. Other extenuating circumstances may include unforeseen financial difficulties which make it extremely difficult for a student to continue with their course. Proof of extenuating circumstances must be forwarded to the academy administrator for consideration.

Refund Policy

CTA strives at all times to be fair and equitable to students. Although our policy does not provide for refunds once a course has commenced we are aware that there are extenuating circumstances where a student may suffering from extreme hardship. A refund under extenuating circumstances can only be approved by the CTA administrator. Under these circumstances a doctor’s certificate (where applicable) and a written application from the student must be provided to CTA before the request will be considered. A refund proportionate to the period of time remaining on that course may be refunded under certain circumstances. During this review, CTA will take into consideration the student’s prior engagement and progress in their course of study. The student can appeal the CTA Administrator’s decision and CTA can organise an independent review if the appeal outcome if the student considers the outcome unsatisfactory. . See the CTA Grievance Policy for more details.

Circumstances that do not attract a refund include, but are not limited to:

  • Students who change their mind about the career/course they have chosen. (However, they can cancel their Ezi-debit immediately; therefore only paying up until they have informed CTA of their decision to withdraw from the course. Student must notify CTA immediately and in writing).
  • Students who have not engaged and/or progressed through their course despite support from CTA but have had to be enrolled to keep their current employment.
  • Students who change their mind 10 days or more after signing their enrolment form and enrolling in the course.
  • Students who enroll under a promotion where an up-front discount has been given. For example; CTA promotion.
  • Students paying the heavily discounted fees through VETiS partnerships are not eligible for a refund once fees are paid to CTA by the school.
  • Government funded training initiatives where materials have been provided and training commenced. However, the student, the Employer, and/or the employee can cancel their Ezi-debit payments at their convenience; hence they will have only paid pro-rata fees up until the point in time they have informed CTA of their decision to withdraw from the course.

Circumstances where a refund is automatic:

  • CTA enrolls students and accepts their fees, then cancels the course.
  • Student who changes their mind within 10 days of signing their enrolment form and enrolling in their course(cooling off period). 

Additional Fee Charges: 

  • Remote and interstate students may have to pay an additional levy of $800.00 for final certification, unless other arrangements are made.
  • Reissuing of results and qualifications will incur a $55.00 fee
  • Transferring fees paid from one course to another will incur a $55.00 fee
  • School students who are still enrolled after graduating from school will revert to normal course fee status.
  • Fees (calculated at average non-discounted unit cost) will apply when a student defaults three (3) times in submitting assessment to a satisfactory level.
  • Students will pay re-enrolment fees for any units not finalized by course end date
  • Students will pay re-enrolment fees for any unit they have failed to reach competency in within 3 attempts. Refer to Enrolment Condition 5.